Commanders Log

We tasted both sweet victory and bitter defeat.

During Operation Ghost Shriek SQ. Lucy O’Connell fell in battle to a Sectoid beam weapon. For her sacrifice we were able to deny Advent access to important supplies.
These supplies will bolster our reserves and lead to the creation of more powerful weapons. We have our scientists working around the clock and are making breakthroughs daily.

Covert operations located the black-site where a Skirmisher Lieutenant Pratal Mox is being held thanks to our black-ops operators we are able to plan a rescue code named Rebel Tears.

Operation Rebel Tears did not go well, aptly named as we lost another entire squad. The operation was going smoothly until one of the Advent Chosen arrived on the battle field.
Designated Assasin this entity cut through our troops like a hot knife through butter, we can only hope to find a weakness to avoid further loses. However sacrifice may be ineveitable it will not be in vain.
The Fallen SQ. Jennette Vasquez, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich, Sq. Hyun Song, their sacrifice will be remembered. It is likely that Pratal Mox will be moved to a more secure location.

We need more recruits to execute this war if we are going to be able to sustain such casualties, hopefully we can achieve a breakthrough in our research of Advent technology and turn the tables on them

End Log

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Xcom 2: War of the Chosen After Action Report.

It was a Sunny afternoon for where a fresh group of recruits executed a flawless mission . Destroying an Advent monument in a prominent city square. Eliminating multiple targets with no injuries or casualties.

Later that evening we suffered a crushing loss during Operation Wolf Shadow, the entire team was eliminated, they will be memorialized and will never be forgotten. Rk. John ‘Die Hard’ McClane, Sq. Jack Williams, Sq. Tim Thompson, and Sq. Silvia Castillo.


Despite this defeat we persevered on the next mission Operation Lost and Abandoned, however there were still losses.

Rk. Ellen Ripley fell to an attack by a Lost Dasher in the attempt to facilitate the meeting between the Reaper and Skirmisher faction leaders. The meeting was a success and we now have new allies in the fight against the Advent, however it was not without cost. 

We know there will be more casualties but they are each worth the freedom of Earth and the Human Race.

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Gaming with My Girlfriend and Rainbow Six Siege

I am starting a bit of a series with my Girlfriend where we play games together. It seems to be a weekly thing. We started of with Lovers in A Dangerous Space-time. We have done another playing Mortal Kombat X. It has been a good time so far.

I have been playing more Rainbow Six Siege, and I am getting…better, yeah lets go with that. I hope to have more of those coming up. I am waiting for the new Xcom 2 DLC I will be doing a campaign play through from the beginning.

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I might actually be putting stuff on here soon. I likely will be doing the Xcom 2 DLC War of the Chosen when it comes out.

I may replay the entire campaign since there are new classes being added it may be fun to try some of those builds through the campaign. Or I may continue from my current save, will have to see how it goes. Either way I should actually post some updates about it. I am also planning on streaming Blood:One Unit Blood, this was one of the first FPS, games I owned and even played with a friend which we had to connect modem to modem. I guess just look for updates to actually happen.

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